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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Minyak Perdana Rose Petang

Hello peeps!hehehe...just ignore the title above.that's a direct translation of Evening Primerose Oil (EPO). One of my afford to get pregnant,i guess.hehehe.A lot of my friends advised and highly recomended me to take it because they said it good for hormone stabilisation.clearly, everyone knows that getting pregnant always associates with the hormone stabilisation. But, getting pregnant is rezeki ALLAH and ALLAH knows what is the best fo me. So, at this moment i'm taking EPO as the supplement for my body that getting older from time to time. =) So, i'm doing some research by google-ing about it.

I found it is true one of the EPO beneficial effects is to stabilise the hormone level especially during the premenstrual. But other than that, it also benefits to restore the youthfullness the skin and hair as well as help improve general well being as it contains essential fatty acid called Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA). As i said earlier, i'm getting older, (next year da masuk 3-series okayyy!)my body tends to make smaller in amount of GLA so this EPO can help me to fulfill the shortage.

There is a lot of choice in the market for EPO. I choose the cheapest Kordel brand. Beli mase offer so dpt la RM82.98 utk 2 botol besar. Setiap botol ade 180 biji.Kene makan 2 biji 3 kali sehari.Because the bottle size is quite big so i left one bottle in my office utk saye ambil after breakfast and lunch. satu lg kat rumah utk dinner pulak.

The effects on me?i feel more energetic, less hungry and reduce my hair loss. I've faced that 3 problems since i got married. Alhamdulillah it getting better now. So, saye akan teruskan pengambilan EPO ni sbg supplement dan pasal geting pregnant tu, saye tawakal sahaja kepada ALLAH.

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